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Michael has spent his career in Fortune 500 organizations as an international Human Resources professional. His experience has brought him to all continents, observing the same difficulties companies have in quickly and accurately identifying talent. It is through this experience and passion that Michael is convinced that there must be a better way! Michael is American and French, an international speaker, and author of Tagging for Talent: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace.


For years, executives have been asking, “Why am I spending all of this time and money when I keep getting the same results?” Tagging for Talent inspires leaders to tap into the power of the crowd, along with practical guidance on how to put a peer-based tagging system in place.

This unique method challenges the status quo of talent identification and succession planning with an easy crowdsourcing approach to competency recognition.

​This is not a book about using social media, but a true business solution using the natural behaviors of your workforce to self-identify potential myriad of talent.

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"Tagging for Talent offers hope for how HR professionals and business leaders can create better competence networks that will improve talent processes. Michael’s decades of experience help him envision the potential of this innovative technological approach to improving talent management. Such insights are central to HR’s creating new solutions to talent challenges."

— Dave Ulrich Rensis Likert Professor
Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Partner, The RBL Group

"Michael stands out as a model exception amongst HR professionals because he adeptly connects the dots between HR and business. He fully understands that whatever HR does has to be relevant to the business and add value. This book is the latest great example of Michael’s passionate commitment to value creation. It is a must read for any company looking for an innovative approach to Talent Management."

— Edward A. Trolley Senior Vice President, Consulting & Advisory Services at NIIT
Co-Author of Running Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakeable Value

"Tagging for Talent is fascinating, engaging, and incredibly practical. Michael Salone shows us a way forward in identifying and leveraging talent across an organization, challenging many of the assumptions we have about talent systems and processes, from identification to succession and everything in between. It’s a must-read for HR practitioners and people leaders alike."

— Mike Pino Senior Digital Learning & Technology Strategist, GE

"These ideas demonstrate a practical way to put employees first. By giving co-workers the opportunity to identify internal talent, they provide a reliable source of intelligence for the company. Ultimately, the customer wins."

— Vineet Nayar Author of Employees First, Customers Second

"This unique way of integrating talent identification into the learning arena is not only innovative, but fun. Employees are able to recognize each other for what they do well and not just what their manager thinks they are good at. This opens up a completely new world of opportunity for both the individual as well as the organization and give Human Resource professionals more talent to work with."

— Rhonda Bernard Director of Learning and Talent Management,
Estee Lauder Companies Europe

"Tagging for Talent help brings the identification and classification of talent and potential into the 21st century, by giving HR professionals and Managers a modern tool to track and unearth an organization’s untapped talent. In today’s biased war for talent, having blind cvs and tools from the last century aren’t enough. This tagging approach will help women and minorities get discovered, promoted and developed by harnessing the power of the crowd and removing layers of bias."

— Anna Ravanona ​ Founder & CEO, Global Invest Her

"Tagging for Talent puts forth a groundbreaking approach for companies and organizations to utilize peer-to-peer collaboration in its rawest form. Key words that give both value and recognition when used in this context help all parties succeed on a variety of levels. A must read!"

— Soumitra Dutta ​ Dean of the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University
Co-Author of Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World

"Michael Salone was able to infuse meaning into the abstract concept of tagging. I believe that his book highlights a real solution, not just a new trend related to a soon-to-be-obsolete technology. Tagging for Talent is highly ground-breaking and definitely the way that many managers should think about their approach to promoting or hiring people in their organization."

— Hugues Foltz VP Professional Services, Optel Group
Former President, CEO, Ellicom


Corporate Universities & Academies

As the creator of a multiple award winning corporate university, Michael can help your organisation evaluate the business benefits, practical hurdles and educational rewards associated with an academy or learning institute strategy that fits YOUR needs.

Social Recognition

Today employees expect so much more from their managers while also counting on their peers to give recognition as well. Michael can help you evaluate the best steps for you and your organization to capture this and also introduce you to TagUp© for capturing hidden talent.

Corporate Universities & Academies

3-6TY Video© is a peer-to-peer learning system that gives employees a quick and efficient way to learn from each other. A five minute video can often solve a problem that a 3-day training can’t. We use it at home, why not at work!

Corporate Universities & Academies

With over 25 years of change management experience, Michael can help guide your organisation through the difficulties and the related communication issues associated with this often difficult process.

Corporate Universities & Academies

Not only for the high tech computer programmers of Silicon Valley, Michael can facilitate for you a fun, yet jam packed results-oriented event to find solutions for a specific set of issues or problems?

Corporate Universities & Academies

Whether you need someone to help your organization to articulate a solution to a problem, or simply a Master of Ceremonies for a large conference, Michael is both an experienced event leader and team facilitator of both small and large groups.

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